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    vCenter Protect Antivirus


      I noticed that it says on the FAQ that it has "Antuvirus Functionality"

      "What distinguishes your Antivirus functionality?
      Ongoing security software management is greatly simplified by  combining both antivirus and patch management functions under one  easy-to-use interface. The combined solution can be up and running in  just 30 minutes or less!"

      I assume this means that it doesn't come with any built in antivirus. I've noticed that most people are saying they use "Vipre" but they provide their own version of this software as well (Languard?). Comparison there may be a different thread.
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          Hi Ken,


          Antivirus/antispyware is a separately licensable function. If you have purchased VCenter Protect Advanced the Threat Feature will be available to you as part of the agent. The Threat and Patch Engines are seperate but are intergrated within the same agent application.


          VMware vCenter Protect's anti-virus is powered by the VIPRE® Enterprise Engine.