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    Publishing app with a different user

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      Does anyone here publish an app with a different user credentials?

      I have been having issues. This is what i am experiencing.


      - I am using my domain admin account which has admin access to SCCM.
      - Have configured ivanti to use Sharing settings. All seems to be setup correctly. Verification passed. I am logging into the SCCM console as admin.
      - Publish app successful using my logged on account.
      - When i then try to publish another app using "different account", then it does not work. Get all sorts of issues.
      - I then give this "different account" local admin rights to the wsus/sccm server, and give all the other rights required.
      - I login to wsus/sccm server with this "different account". I open the console as admin.
      - I go through the setup process again, and verifies OK.
      - I publish another app, and successful.
      - I logoff and log back in with my domain admin account. (SCCM console as admin).
      - I try to publish another app with the same "different" account.
      - Logs show me that it is downloading the files ok. But, it has cert access problems, with these errors:
      - "Error accessing the WSUS signing certificate."
      - "The certificate does not exist or your account does not have permission to access it."
      - "Error Publishing ''Adobe Flash Player Internet Explorer' a90f8768-2299-4b19-9bf0-a0f25b86d7a8' : Failed to sign package; error was: 2147942405"
      - "Failed to sign package; error was: 2147942405"
      - "Error - AutoPublish returned code 8:  Failed to publish all packages"


      So from this test, it looks like when the "different" account is run as local account, then no problems.
      But when the different account is used as a different user, then it does not work.


      Has anyone experienced like above?




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          Thank you for submitting the community question and the support ticket for your issue. Other customers who have had the same errors you are getting when publishing using a service or secondary account all have traced the issue back to a permissions change in their environment. We will work it in the case checking and making needed changes and I will update this community post once we have resolved the case.