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    Third party software push file fail

    BuzzLightyear Rookie

      I have watched the online videos for creating a null patch scan and then a third party software push and install deployment.  The null scan works great.  However, when I run the custom action deployment, pushing out firefox, it never pushes the .exe out to the target machine.  The target machine does receive and install patches from Shavlik, but not my custom deployment.


      I have two lines in my custom actions:

      Push File - which pushes the Firefox.exe, located on the shavlik server

      Before All Patches - I have the command in place: %pathtofile%firefox.exe


      Since the firefox.exe never pushes to the target machine the latter command never is executed.  I gone through the logs on both the host and server and nothing indicates that the server is trying to even push. I clicking on the Null Patch scan result and selecting all missing patches, then changing the deployment template to my custom deployment.  It just never pushes the firefox.exe


      I know it in general can, as it has been used to upgrade Firefox on other target machines that already have firefox.  I am just not able to get custom action to push out the .exe let alone give a fresh install.


      I have no Firewall on the target machine, and Windows Defender AV is also turned off. No other AV exists on target machine at this time. Using Shavlik Protect 9.2