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    PKI Code Signing Certificate for Shavlik Patch Manager

    singhn Rookie

      Hi Folks,


      We have recently procured Shavlik Patch manager for SCCM. We are using Internal PKI. WSUS is configured to use SSL.

      I am facing difficulties in getting Code Signing certificate imported into Shavlik. I am getting the following error.


      2018-02-27 11_52_21-Remote Desktop Manager Free [MGTSCCMP01].png


      The certificate is a code signing certificate issue to the services account, the cert has private key, password is valid, and key size is 2048. I have contacted the support and they are unable to help so far.


      I checked the following thread, https://community.shalik.com/thread/450278 this is exactly what I am following but I am still getting an error.


      quick question: In my CA, I can only issue code signing certificate to a user account not a computer account, is that correct?