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      • 15. Re: Certificate Issue on Deployment
        JayG500 Rookie

        If it is a certificate issue, you will see this in the deploy log.  C:\Windows\ProPatches\Logs\STDeplog.log.  You will see:


        2017-07-03T13:45:58.3722064Z 061c E STPackageDeployer.cpp:252 Required deployment support file content in 'CL5.exe'not signed by ST.


        and similar messages as indicated in the logs above.


        There are other reasons that deploys appear stuck in scheduled.  See my earlier note in this thread.

        • 16. Re: Certificate Issue on Deployment
          ddenning SupportEmployee



          Thank you for posting your question. We need anyone with certificate issues to create a support case so we can track this and we will give you a powershell script to correct this in the case. Please specify what issue you are seeing and send the ST.Deploy.log from one of the failing client's C:\Windows\ProPatches\Logs directories.





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          • 17. Re: Certificate Issue on Deployment
            pulchritude19 Rookie


            This is noted.

            I already created support case for this and waiting for the response on the powershell script, hopefully they can resolve this today.



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