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      Hi everybody,


      I am looking to deploy (KB4011042) update from MSNS17-07-4011042 which came out July 6, 2017 (patch data but noticed my console doesn't have this update in my patch group.  Does anybody know how Shavlik updates their patches or do I have to download manually and add to the console.

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          First thing you'll want to do if you having issues finding this update would be to refresh your files. To do this, go to Help>Refresh Files.


          Once you've done this, go to View>Patches, and make sure that before searching, check the box for Non-security Patches since the patch you're looking for is a Non-security update.


          You should be able to then use the search box to find the update as such:



          If for any reason you don't find the update after refreshing your files, close and reopen your console and then go back to the patch view to search for the update again.


          Thank you,