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    Shavlik Protect Reporting Wrong OS for Scanned Machine

    danpalewis Rookie

      Good morning all,


      In order to help us work more efficiently, we send machines to our remote sites for support personnel to be able to use and perform their job in a single location. In this case, we sent a workstation to China. This workstation is definitely Windows 10, and I was able to confirm that by remoting directly into it. Unfortunately, whenever I run a scan using Shavlik Protect 9.2 it reports that this machine is Windows 7 Professional (x64). Even if this is old information, I am uncertain as to where it was obtained as there was never a PC with this computer name nor IP addressed connected to this network.


      I'm sure that I could possibly delete the machine from the inventory and re-scan, however I need to maintain scan history (the user's there may have updated it) and thus would like to not delete the machine from inventory as possible. I also performed an asset scan which still reported Windows 7.


      Is there anything else that I can do to accurately get this machine detected as Windows 10?