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    How add machine with its respective credential by text file




      I would like add machines with its respective credential  to a machine group by text file, but i can't because shavlik takes the credentials as a machine name. is there a way to do this?, import machines and its credentials by text files.


      Thak you for your help

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          This isn't possible in Protect 9.2 or lower.  In Protect 9.3 (rename to Patch for Windows Servers) we are introducing a new feature for API calls from PowerShell.  You can reference existing credentials, machine groups, templates, etc. within your API commands. You can also use the API to add new credentials, templates, machine groups and patch groups.


          API commandlets are available for use with the following functional areas in Ivanti Patch for Windows® Servers: (we will be expanding this)


          • Patch scanning

          • Patch deployment

          • Credentials

          • Machine groups

          • Patch groups

          • Power state management


          We are ending our beta phase this week, I'm sure the general release should be ready in a week or so.




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