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    Shockwave MSI fails install over MSI


      The title sort of speaks for itself.  The version detects as being needed, but then fails to install.  I found the CAB file in the Cache folder.  Extracted the "sw_lic_full_installer.msi".  Manually ran it by double clicking and even when manually installing via the MSI directly, it says, "Another version of this product is already installed.  Installation of this version cannot continue.  To configure or remove the existing version of thise product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel."


      I checked and the version installed has the same MSI product code as the new one that is trying to be installed:

      • Product Code:  {A2116AF9-FA9D-41EA-9874-1E40B227D4DE
      • Product Version: and now

      If I uninstall the original version then I could successfully install the new one.  It seems to me you need to do one of the following:

      1. Uninstall the previous version before attempting to install
      2. Change detection logic so that it does not attempt to install


      Your feedback and response is anticipated!