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    Updates will not publish ....error (401) Unauthorized


      Have been using Shavlik for many years now and just this week ran into a problem where I can get the files from Shavlik, but when I go to publish them using SCUP into SCCM I get an error: "The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.  When I go to IE and enter the download url I can get the update.  It is doing this with all of the updates I am trying to publish.....HELP.



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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          I can't think of any changes in the data that would cause this on a massive scale like that.  I would suggest taking a look at AutoPublish.log and Shavlik Patch.log.  They may clue you in to what is happening.


          A list of the updates you have tries would also help.


          Locations of log files and useful information:


          • System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Server:
            • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\logs
              • Contains all logs related to operations of Configuration Manager
              • Most useful log(s) when troubleshooting issues with Shavlik Patch:
                • wsyncmgr.log - WSUS synchronization operations
            • C:\Users\*SCCM-Admin*\Shavlik\Shavlik Patch
              • Contains both logs and datafiles/binaries used by Shavlik Patch plugin.
                • Logs found here:
                  • AutoPublish.log - Contains logging of publishing process.
                  • Shavlik Patch.log - Contains logging of Shavlik Patch plugin operations.




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            We are downloading the cab files from the Shavlik site to the SCCM server and importing them into SCUP so we don't have the Shavlik Patch plugin on the server.


            The updates that I am trying to get are the latest updates for:

            Adobe Flash Player

            Adobe Air

            Google Chrome 38.0.2125.104

            Mozilla Firefox 33.0


            There is nothing in the wsyncmgr.log file concerning any of these updates.




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              cwinning CommunityTeam



              I went through and published the patches listed above without issue, this tells me the data is good. The issue is going to be with your SCUP/SCCM environment.  When was the last time this worked?  Have you enabled or changed a proxy that SCCM would need to go through to download?




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