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    export reports


      Is there a way that I can schedule reports to be exported as XML, XLS or CSV files. Kind of the same way we can do that on LANDesk?

      I can only see email option but this is not helping. If that is not an option, Anybody knows if I can run a script to query the SQL database and get reports after the scans saved automatically on a local destination?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          You could take a look at the Custom View PDF.


          :The Report Views are covering the Patch features of the product.  We will extend the report views to cover Asset and Threat in future releases as well.  This addition comes with the attached document which describes the tables and relationships to allow Protect customers to build their own custom reports.  From SQL Query, Excel pivot tables or charts, SQL Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, Splunk, or any other reporting tool you will be able to create and customize reports to meet your needs.  We also plan to open up more community discussions around Reporting to allow customers to share their custom creations.:

          I hope that will give you some ideas on how to get your reports automated for you.



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            chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

            Charles was referring to http://www.shavlik.com/uploadedFiles/Support/Online_Documentation/Shavlik_Protect_90/rv-prt-9-1.pdf


            Also, enter a feature request if you have not already.  We are looking at adding the ability to schedule a report to run and export to specific formats.  If you enter a feature request for it you will be contact for beta and early access when that feature is added.  In Protect go to help submit a feature request and fill out the request form. 




            Chris Goettl