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    Is there a threat detection user popup?

    tarricop Rookie

      I'm trying to figure out exactly what the following feature in agent policy does:  "Turn off notification when Active Protection blocks known risks".  We currently have this unchecked and the user does not get a popup or other notification if a threat is detected on his machine.  All that changes is the tray icon shows as partially red.  We really want the user to receive some type of popup warning so that they stop what they are doing and contact the help desk.  Any ideas?

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          There currently isn't a pop up from the agent - the icon turns red just like you mentioned. Sometimes Windows will throw up a message due to this, but in my testing it seems to only come up for about a second and disappear. If they opened the agent UI it should provide more information, and you should see any threats reported if you use the machine view within the Protect console - you can highlight one or more systems in the top pane of machine view, then click on the threats tab in the lower section to see any threats reported.


          Otherwise, I would suggest submitting a feature/change request here: http://shavlik.featureidea.com


          I hope that helps.