How To: Configure and Use Shared Settings Between Users in Patch for SCCM 2.4

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    The purpose of this document is to discuss the Shared settings options available in the Patch for SCCM 2.4 release. This version can be downloaded here.



    There are 6 unique settings that can be configured to be shared amongst users. Those settings are:


    1. WSUS Server name and Port (Includes Timestamp settings)
    2. License activation key
    3. Scheduled Task (Scheduled Publishing)
    4. Offline Settings
    5. Composite and Smart Filters
    6. Alert Subscriptions


    Be extremely careful when changing any of these shared settings, as it will affect all other Patch for SCCM administrators who are also using shared settings.

    Initial Configuration


         1. Install/Upgrade your Patch for SCCM plugin to the 2.4 version.

         2. Once upgraded, open Settings, then click on Shared Settings.

        3. Click the box for 'Use Shared Settings' to enable this feature.


    This setting will need to be checked under any additional users after first install or upgrade from version 2.3.


    WSUS Server Name and Port (Includes Timestamp settings)


    • Within the WSUS configuration, the WSUS server name whether its set as Hostname, FQDN, or IP, will be retained across users.
    • Port Number will also be retained across accounts. This will also include the SSL settings, if applicable
    • The WSUS Signing certificate, as long as it is in the Local Certificate store, the certificate data will be retained.
    • If used, a timestamp server/URL will be retained to be used for timestamping packages.




    License Activation Key




    Scheduled Task



    • For any previously created scheduled task, the Schedule tab will show the following:


    • If a user clicks 'Modify task', the following message is seen.


    Please make note that the user modifying the task will become the owner of the task and will delete the previously scheduled task. The user making the change will show in the Task created by 'Domain\Username' for machine 'Machinename' at the top of the window.


    Offline Settings


    • Local Source folder configuration will be retained across users. Use a network share here to ensure that all users have access to the directory.


    • If you are running the plugin in a disconnected environment, make sure 'Run disconnected' is selected.
    • For more information on Offline options, please visit the help page here


    Composite and Smart Filters


    • When creating a composite or smart filter for the first time, when creating a new smart filter or composite filter, select the option for Shared to allow the filter to be shared with other users.



    • Any shared filters, will be listed with (Shared) at the end of the name. ex: Chrome (Shared)


    • If a new filter is created as a shared template, and later is needed to be made private, open the edit window for the filter and click 'Copy to Private Filters'.


    • If a filter was created before upgrading to Patch for SCCM 2.4, the filter will be stored as private. In order to make the template available to be shared, open the edit window for the filter and select 'Copy to Shared Filters' at the bottom of the window.


    • After copying to a shared state, both the private filter created before upgrade and the shared filter will be listed in the list of filters.


    Alert Subscriptions


    • To access Ivanti Patch Alerts, go to Monitoring > Ivanti Patch > Manage Alerts


    • By default, all alerts are enabled, but only Updates Published is active.
    • Any changes made to active state or emails in 'Manage subscriptions' will be available to all users.



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    Affected Product


    Ivanti Patch for SCCM 2.4