How To: Change Group By Selection in Patch for SCCM 2.4

Version 3



    The purpose of this document is to show how to change the Group By selections in the Patch for SCCM 2.4 plugin.




    By default, Patch for SCCM will have all updates listed in a grid format without any grouping.





         1. By default, the Group by panel is not visible. To show this panel, right-click any column, then select 'Show Group Panel'.


         2. The Group Panel will then show as seen below:

         3. To select a column to group by, either click and drag the column in to the 'Group Panel' or right-click a column and selecting 'Group By This Column'.


    Click and Drag


    Group By This Column


         1. Right-click a column, then click 'Group By This Column'.


         2. Once a column has been selected to be grouped, the view will look similar to below, based on the column selected.


    Multiple columns may be grouped together. Drag additional columns into the group panel to add additional filtering/grouping.


         3. To ungroup by a given column, either click-and-drag a column out of the group panel or right-click a column name then select 'Ungroup'.


    Click and Drag




    Affected Product


    Ivanti Patch for SCCM 2.4