How To: Cancel A Scheduled Deployment That Has Not Already Started

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    The purpose of this document is to show how to cancel a scheduled deployment that has not started.




    A deployment that is in a Scheduled state, not Stage Deployment Scheduled, that has not already started executing can be cancelled.

    Canceling the scheduled task can be done from the Deployment tracker or from Scheduled Remote Tasks.


    Canceling a deployment from Deployment Tracker


    1. Go to View > Deployment Tracker


         2. Find the tab that contains the machine(s) that you wish to cancel the deployment on.

         3. Highlight the appropriate machine(s), right-click and then click on 'Cancel deployment'.


         4. A notification window will then pop-up asking to make sure that you want to cancel the deployment. If you wish to proceed, click 'Delete scheduled deployment'. If not, then click 'Cancel'.


         5. A new tab will open to show the progress of the task deletion. A successful deletion will look as follows:



         6. The status of the machine(s) will then show 'User Canceled'.


    Canceling a deployment from Scheduled Remote Tasks


    1. Go to View > Machines.

    • Use the search field to find the necessary machine


         2. Once the desired machine is found, right-click on the machine and select 'View scheduled tasks'.


         3. When the Scheduled Remote Tasks window loads, the scheduled deployment task will show in the list of tasks.


         4. To delete the task, right-click and Delete. Confirm the prompt to delete


         5. The window will refresh and the task will no longer show in the view.


    Canceling a deployment from Results


    1. Go to Results by clicking the drop-down in the upper right corner of the GUI.


         2. Find the deployment you wish to cancel. Right-click the deployment record, without a left-click first, to get the 'Cancel Deployment' option.


         3. Confirm the cancellation of the deployment.


         4. The operations monitor will open to confirm the deletion of the scheduled task.


    Additional Information


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    Affected Product(s)


    Ivanti Patch for Windows Server 9.3.x