How to: Scan for the Null Patch using the Custom Actions scan filter

Version 2



    The purpose of this document is to show how to scan for the null patch. The null patch is a blank executable detected as a patch for testing purposes or custom actions as is mentioned here Custom Action - Using The Null Patch





    1. Go to New > Patch Scan Template and name your new template.

    2. You may leave the Vendor, Family, and Products, but under Patch Properties, make sure only Custom Actions is selected then Save the template.

    Product and Property filtering.PNG


    3. Pick a machine or group to scan then select your new template and scan.

    Select Scan.PNG


    4. From the results you can then deploy your null patch as part of a custom action Custom Action - Using The Null Patch or a test deployment.

    While the null patch is not a real patch and will not install anything, it is coded to reboot so you will want to make sure to select No Reboot in your deployment template if you do not want to reboot your target machines when deploying the patch.


    Affected Products


    Ivanti Patch for Windows Server 9.3

    Shavlik Patch 9.2