How To: Upgrade VMware Tools from 9.X to 10.X using Ivanti Patch for Windows

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    The purpose of this document is to discuss how to use Shavlik Protect or Ivanti Patch for Windows to upgrade VMware Tools from 9.X to 10.X.




    • Go to New > Patch Group. Name the Patch Group, hit Save.


    • In the Patch view, ensure that only Software Distribution is checked under Patch Type.

    • In the search box, search VMWT-021 to find the VMware Tools update.

    • Right-click the patch, highlight 'Add to Patch Group', then select the new patch group created.

    • Verify the patch was added by looking at the Patch group tab in the bottom half of the Patch view. Close the Patch view window once verified.

    • Go to New > Patch Scan Template

    • Name the template. Then select under 'Baseline or Exceptions' the Baseline radial. Hit Save.

    • Scan all necessary machines with the newly created template.

    • Once scan is done, results should display the VMware Tools update as a missing patch.

    • To deploy the update, right-click > Deploy > All Missing Patches. Select your deployment template of choice and hit 'Deploy'.

    Additional Information

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    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.2.X

    Patch for Windows 9.3.X