Patch deployment fails with File Is Missing error

Version 4



    To help resolve the "File is missing" error when deploying patches.




    Patch deployment fails with 'File is missing' error.




    The update installer binary file associated with the patch you are attempting to push is not in your patch download location (or distribution server) and is unable to be downloaded.

    • Reasons why it may not be downloadable include:
      • not enough disk space in your download location for the patches to be downloaded
      • network issues/restrictions
      • The patch may not have synced to your distribution server yet
      • The patch may not be downloadable anymore




    Click View > Patches and search for the patch(es) that were missing.  Right-click on the patch, you'll see the option with a green arrow if it is downloadable.  Click the Download option to download the patch, and then make sure to sync patches to your distribution server if you are set up to use one: How To: Manually Synchronize Distribution Servers

    If you see any error reported in the Downloads window that pops up, you can troubleshoot connectivity/issues from there.

    The Download option will be grayed out if the patch is not downloadable through the software.  If you need to deploy a patch that is no longer downloadable, see here: How To: Supply and Deploy Patches That Can Not Be Downloaded

    If your console is offline, please see How To: Download Content Data Files and Patches using the Download PowerShell Script to download patches for transfer to the offline console.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x

    Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers 9.3+