Snapshot Maintenance in Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers 9.3

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    This document will discuss the different methods of snapshot maintenance in Ivanti Patch for Windows Server 9.3. Snapshot Maintenance applies only if you have virtual machines in your network that are hosted on one or more VM servers.




    Scheduled Snapshot Maintenance through the Console Task Scheduler


    This allows you to configure a one-time or recurring task that will remove old virtual machine snapshots from the server. It will also require you to have a proper scheduler credential set in Manage > Scheduled Console Tasks as is mentioned here Manual scans work, scheduled scans fail: Scheduler Credential


    1. Go to Tools > Options > Snapshot Maintenance.


    Go to Snapshot Maintenance.PNG


    2. When you click Add or Edit, the Scheduled Snapshot Maintenance dialog is displayed. This dialog is used to configure the snapshot maintenance task.



    Snapshot Maintenance through your deployment template


    1. Go to your deployment template and navigate to the Hosted VMs/Templates tab.


    2. Select the amount of days that you would like to keep snapshots or the maximum amount of snapshots that Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers will keep and save your deployment template.



    3. Use this deployment template in your next deployment to your hosted virtual machines.


    Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers will now delete snapshots according to the rules set in step 2 during the next deployment. Unlike the first method of Snapshot Maintenance, this method does not run on a schedule and will not execute the rules set above until the next deployment. During the next deployment Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers will check the rules and delete snapshots accordingly if they meet the qualifications to be deleted.


    For instance, if you have specified that snapshots should be deleted after two days, each deployment, Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers will check to determine if any snapshots are two or more days old.


    You can automate this process using How To: Setup Automatic Removal of Vmware Snapshots in Protect 9.2 .


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