Available Color Themes/Skins

Version 3



    This feature allows users to change the color themes in Ivanti Patch for Windows® Servers interface. If you make a change, the new skin is temporarily applied to the interface so that you can determine if you like it. To make the change permanent, click Save; to revert to the original selection, click Cancel.


    Select Tools > Options > Display to access the feature to change Ivanti Patch for Windows® Servers skins.



    Available Color Themes/Skins


    Default 2013:

    Default 2013.PNG

    Default 2016 (Default Setting):

    Default 2016.PNG

    DevExpress Dark Style:

    DevExpress Dark Style.PNG

    DevExpress Style:

    DevExpress Style.PNG

    Office 2010 Black:

    Office 2010 Black.PNG

    Office 2010 Blue:

    Office 2010 Blue.PNG

    Office 2010 Silver:

    Office 2010 Silver.PNG

    Office 2013 Dark Gray:

    Office 2013 Dark Gray.PNG

    Office 2013 Light Gray:

    Office 2013 Light Gray.PNG

    Office 2013 White:

    Office 2013 White.PNG

    Office 2016 Black:

    Office 2016 Black.PNG

    Office 2016 Colorful:

    Office 2016 Colorful.PNG

    Office 2016 Dark:

    Office 2016 Dark.PNG

    Seven Classic:

    Seven Classic.PNG

    Visual Studio 2010:

    Visual Studio 2010.PNG

    Visual Studio 2013 Blue:

    Visual Studio 2013 Blue.PNG

    Visual Studio 2013 Dark:

    Visual Studio 2013 Dark.PNG

    Visual Studio 2013 Light:

    Visual Studio 2013 Light.PNG


    Affected Product(s)


    Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers 9.3.X