Scheduled Console Task Manager Overview

Version 2



    The Scheduled Console Tasks Manager is designed to give you a single location from which to monitor the tasks currently scheduled on the console. These tasks can include patch scans, asset scans, patch deployments to the console machine, patch deployments to hosted virtual machines, power tasks run against the console, script executions, and scheduled reports. The Scheduled Console Tasks Manager uses the services of the Microsoft Task Scheduler to schedule and initiate each task. If you prefer, you can view the tasks within the Microsoft Scheduler by accessing the Task Scheduler dialog on your Windows console machine and then expanding the Task Schedule Library > LANDESK > Protect tree.


    Note: To monitor scheduled tasks on your remote machines, use the Scheduled Remote Tasks Manager.


    You can use the Scheduled Console Tasks Manager to modify and delete the scheduled tasks. For example, if you know a certain machine will be unavailable on a certain day you can reschedule any scans that are set to be performed on that machine.




    You access the Scheduled Console Tasks Manager by selecting Manage > Scheduled Console Tasks.

    Console Task.PNG

    The following commands are available using the buttons on the dialog or by right-clicking a task on any of the tabs.



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