Deployment never completes: Deployment Operation Executing

Version 2



    The document will provide a possible solution for patch deployments where the patch does not process past Executing.



    In the Deployment tracker the state of the patch never updates past executing. The patch doesn't get installed and the client never reboots.



    The product being patched is open or locked and the installer doesn't handle updating when program is open and running. The MSI doesn't return an error so Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers is waiting on the installer to return anything.  There are a lot of products that would fail to update if it is up and running.  Patch for Windows Servers does not kill the task due to the possibility of causing issues with the product or users losing unsaved data.




    The key here is to install patches to these products before they are running an locked.  Our recommendation is to deploy using a Deployment Template with Pre-deploy reboot enabled. This will eliminate the problem with programs in use during your deployment.


    You can configure this by navigating to Patch Templates and Groups and then modify the Deployment Template you are using.  More on this feature.


    Known Affected Updates


    Foxit Reader