How to: Specify to Use a Particular Distribution Server in Agentless and Agent Patch Deployment

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    This document outlines the necessary steps to specify a distribution server to be used in Agentless and Agent patch deployment.




    For Agentless Deployment

    1. Set up a distribution server in Tools> Operations> Distribution servers, and synchronize the Distribution Server so all the patches which are downloaded from the Console are copied over to your Distribution Server. You can also assign Distribution Servers be used by client machines in particular IP ranges. More on the usage of IP range for Distribution Server, please see the next steps.

    IP range.png


    For detailed steps on how to configure and use a Distribution Server, please refer to these articles:


    Contents > Common Tasks > Configuring Program Operations > Using Distribution Servers


    2. Create a Deployment template> Distribution servers tab. Here you can specify to "use a specific server", and/or "by IP range" and/or "fall back to vendor" in a sequence. For detailed steps please refer to this article:


    Contents > Agentless Patch Management Tasks > Deployment Templates > Deployment Template: Distribution Servers Tab

    deployment template.png

    3. Scan and deploy the patches using the Deployment Template configured in step 2. Your client machines will download the patches from a Distribution server(s) according to your settings above. 


    For Agent Deployment

    1. Create an Agent policy, go to General Settings > Engine, data, and patch download location, select "Specific" and pick a particular Distribution Server you have created, or "By Agent IP range" so the Agent will use the Distribution Server according to the IP range setting you have specified in the Operations>Distribution servers >IP ranges.  For detailed steps, please refer to this article:


    Contents > Agents > Configuring an Agent Policy > Configuring General Settings

    agent policy.png

    2. Create patch tasks and deployment schedules in your Agent policy. When using this Agent policy, your client machines will download the patches from the specific Distribution Server you have configured, or pick up to use the particular distribution server  assigned by IP range according to your settings in step 1.


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.1, 9.2