How to activate or update Shavlik Patch 2.3 Licensing

Version 3



    This document outlines how to activate or update the license for Shavlik Patch 2.3.


    Steps to Activate or Update the license


    1. Open the SCCM Console, and navigate to Software Library
    2. Under Software Updates, right-click Shavlik Patch and select Settings
    3. Navigate to the License tab, and click Enter / refresh license key
    4. If needed, click Configure proxy to setup proxy information
    5. Enter your license key under 2. Enter your activation key(s)

      License Activation.png
      1. You can add multiple licenses using the + button
      2. You can remove expired licenses using the X button
    6. Once all licenses are updated, click Activate online now

    Additional Information


    If you need to perform an offline license activation, please see the article:  How to Process a Manual (Offline) Activation for Shavlik Protect 9.x or Patch 2.3+


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Patch 2.3