How To: Add a Patch Task to an Agent Policy

Version 3



    The purpose of this document shows you how to add a Patch task to an Agent Policy for scanning and deployments.




    1. Create a new Agent Policy or open an existing one.

    2. Once in the Agent Policy Editor select the Patch tab and click Add a Patch Task...

    Agent Policy.PNG


    3. Name your New Patch Task, then Save.

    New Task.PNG

    4. In your Patch task, you will be on the Scheduled tab by default. Here you can schedule when your Patch task will run or uncheck 'Use schedule' for manual only tasks.


    5. Navigate to the 'Scan and deploy options' tab.

    6. Assign your Patch Scan Template and your Deployment Template. You may uncheck 'Deploy patches' if you do not want to initiate a deployment after your scans.


    7. Save your settings.


    Additional Information


    Where to View Protect Agent Scan\Deployments Results


    Affected Products

    Protect 9.x

    Patch for Windows Servers 9.3.x