Caveats when patching UltraVNC

Version 4



    This document will show how to patch UltraVNC in Shavlik Protect and the caveats you need to be aware of.

    This patch is a drop-in only patch due to current download issues.




    UltraVNC's website ( is unreliable and when downloading the installer, you are frequently redirected.  When this redirect happens, a small 40kb file is sometimes downloaded, but with enough attempts, the full installer will download. Once the full installer has been downloaded, it must be moved to the Protect console repository for deployment.

    Step 1: Obtain the UltraVNC Download

    • Download the appropriate copy of UltraVNC from here. When the downloaded starts wait until the redirect occurs and downloads the full installer (usually around 3mb).


    Step 2: Rename Patch to match the Protect naming convention

    • In order for Protect to recognize the patch as downloaded, it will need to match the correct naming convention.
    • For UltraVNC the name will include Product name, Version, and bit format. Examples are below:
      • UltraVNC_1_2_12_X64_Setup.exe
      • UltraVNC_1_2_11_X64_Setup.exe
    • To find the exact name of the patch, scan the endpoint(s) needing the update, select the update and under "Bulletin Details" you will find the name in which the download must be renamed to.


    Step 3: Add Patch to Console Repository

    • After UltraVNC has been downloaded and renamed appropriately, move the patch to the console's patch repository.
    • To find the location of your repository, go to Tools > Operations and look for the path found in 'Patch download directory'

    • Navigate to the patch repository location (as found previously) and drop in the UltraVNC installer.
    • To verify the console knows the patch is available for deployment, look for the downloaded icon to show green as shown here:

    Step 4: Deploy

    • Deploying is no different, just select the UltraVNC patch and deploy as normal.


    Affected Product(s)

    Protect 9.x

    Protect SDK (download caveat)