FAQ - Ivanti Support Phone Callback system

Version 5


    Q: What is changing with how I engage with Ivanti Customer Support?


    A: We are launching a new phone callback feature on the Ivanti Support portal. This technology will allow us to capture your requirements for assistance and ensure that we route you to the best available support engineer to work on your request.


    Q: Will I still be able to talk with Support?

    A: Yes, absolutely!  We value the opportunity to connect directly with our customers.  We hope this new system will make it easier for you to talk with us and give you more options for how you want to connect.



    Q: Where do I go to connect with Support?


    A: Instead of calling by phone and navigating a phone menu, you’ll now be able to initiate a callback request through our Support portal for both new and existing cases. 

    Simply login here: https://support.ivanti.com to get started.



    Q: Why are we making this change?


    A:  We want to make it easier for you to connect with our Support teams and find the information you need.  With our growing portfolio of products, we recognize it can be difficult to know exactly who to call for what product.  By starting your request with the portal, it eliminates the need to keep an address book full of Support phone numbers.


    Q: Will I still be able to submit a Web Case through the portal?

    A: Yes, web cases will still be one of the options on the portal.  You will be able to choose if you want to submit a web case or engage with us immediately on the phone.


    Q:  What options will I have for a Callback?

    A: The new system gives you expanded options for how to connect.  You will be able to submit your request three ways:

    Submit a Web case:  This will operate the same way it has on our portal previously.   


    Submit a Callback request – “Call me as soon as you’re available”: 

        • When you choose this option, your request will be placed in our queue and we’ll connect with you in the order the request was received.  The main difference?  You don’t have to wait on hold. We’ll call you.

    Submit a Callback request – “Call me now”: 

        • This will ring your phone immediately and place you in queue.  This is basically the same as our phones worked before, but now our engineers will have all your information up front, and you won’t have to navigate a phone menu to get to the right team.


    Q: What if I already have a case open?

    A: The Callback system works on existing cases too.  When you navigate to your existing cases in the Support Portal, you will now have an option to initiate a Callback request on any of your open incidents.


    Q: When does this change take effect?

    A: For Ivanti Supply Chain customers (formerly Wavelink), the system will be live on April 26th.

    For Ivanti Security product customers (formerly Shavlik), the system will be live on May 8th.

    For AppSense branded products, the system will be live on May 15th.

    For LANDESK branded products, the system will be live on May 30th.

    Note:  You will receive an email communication prior Go-Live as well as on the day of the change.  In preparation for this change, we encourage you to verify that you can login to the portal now by visiting this page.


    Q: What if I need help outside of normal business hours?

    A: Not a problem.  If your Support Contract entitles you to 24x7 Support, the Support Portal will detect your region and automatically route you to the right place for help 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year for all Severity 1 incidents.


    Q: What is happening to the existing toll free number?

    A: Over the coming weeks, the existing IVRs on Ivanti’s global toll-free phone numbers will be phased out and replaced with a message directing customers to the Support Portal.