Patch Group Example - How to scan for Windows OS Security Patches released before a specific date

Version 3



    This document will discuss how to implement a common scenario where users want to create a Patch Group containing OS security patches release before a specific date. The steps in this document apply to many other filtering and patch group designs as well.




    1. Go to View > Patches.


    2. Select all security patch types under Patch Type.



    3. Select Microsoft > Windows under Vendors and Families.



    4. On the upper left, select the New Filter icon highlighted in the screenshot below and for your filter set Patch Release Date is before {insert date}.



    5. Now, you will only see OS patches released before your specified date displayed. In my example, my patches are from before February 15, 2017.


    6. Select All patches displayed, right click, and select Add to Patch Group > New Patch Group.



    7. Name and save your patch group.



    8. Add your patch group to your patch scan template. Go to your template and select to scan for your patch group that you created as a baseline in Baseline or Exceptions.



    9. Scan your machines using the scan template from step 8. 


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.2