Distribution Server Patch Sync Fails on a Network Share Patch Repository

Version 2



    When running a Distribution Server patch downloads sync it fails, with a summary of Access to the path <Patch Download Location>, where the Patch Download Location is a network share. This error happens even though your account has read/write access to the path, and you can access and make changes to it.


    Distribution Sync failure.png




    Scheduled tasks in Protect run using the local System account of the Protect Server. The network share does not have permissions set to allow the Protect Console's System account to access the directory, but does have permissions set for the user account that is logged into the Protect Server.




    To grant the local System account of the Protect Server access to the network share, you need to add the computer account, as <Domain>\<Computer Name>$ to the sharing permissions for the network share folder.


    Distribution Sync Permissions.png


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x