How To: Submit a feature request to add new Patch, Vendor or Product content

Version 4



    Although we support many products and patches, there are times when customers encounter support gaps.  This document will show you the best method to request support for new patches or products not currently supported by Shavlik Protect or Shavlik Patch.




    All requests for new Patches and Products should be done through a Support Case.  We found utilizing support cases to be the quickest method to get the request into the hands of the Content Team.


    We will need the following information for each request: (when applicable)


    • Specific Product name and version.
    • Specific Patch name or number.
      • Link to the patch download or information page.


    You can create a case using the Support Portal.  The support engineer assigned to the case will ask for additional information if needed.


    All non content related feature requests should be submitted through the Feature Request Submission Form.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect

    Shavlik Patch