Connection failure to the SUSDB causes Publishing to fail when database is remote to WSUS server

Version 1



    This document provides a workaround to publishing failures caused by database connection issues to the SUSDB when it is remote to the WSUS server.




    You are unable to publish updates through SCCM, identifying the issue through the C:\Users\SCCMUser\Shavlik\Shavlik Patch\AutoPublish.log

    Cannot Open database "SUSDB" requested by the log... Login failed for user




    The account used to access SCCM doesn't have rights to the remote SUSDB.




    You must add the following database rights to the SUSDB database for the account used access SCCM.


    • db_datareader
    • db_datawriter
    • db_executor


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Patch