Custom Action, Custom Patch, and ITScript Information and Troubleshooting

Version 11



    This document provides links to other documents addressing custom action, custom patch, and ITScript information and troubleshooting.





    Custom Action


    Prerequisites and Process


    How To: Perform a Custom Action Complete Tutorial with Custom Actions

    Can You Use Custom Actions With Agents?

    Custom Action - Using The Null Patch

    How to: Scan for the Null Patch using the Custom Actions scan filter

    Custom Action - Things to know and watch for


    Run a script


    Custom Action - How to Work with Batch Files

    How To: Run a PowerShell Script with a Custom Action


    Install programs


    Work with custom patches


    How To: Run An Executable or MSI With A Custom Action

    Using Custom Actions To Deploy MSU/MSI Files


    Uninstall programs or remove files


    Custom Action - Remove the Remote Scheduler for Protect Version 9

    How To Uninstall A Program Using Custom Actions

    How To Remove The Propatches Folder Using Custom Actions in Protect 9.1

    How To: Uninstall Java using a Custom Actions


    Reboot a machine


    How To: Reboot Target Machines with Using the Custom Actions Patch Type in a Custom Scan Template


    Work with custom patches


    Custom Action vs. Custom XML

    Custom Patch: Custom .exe File Distribution With Custom Action



    Custom Patch


    Considerations For Custom Patches And Products

    How To: Create a Custom Patch

    Custom Patch Deployment .bat File Never Completes.





    ITScript - Errors Importing Custom ITScripts

    ITScripts - Enabled Scripts Not Showing in Run Console ITScripts

    Temp Folder Fills Up With Small Files Troubleshooting

    Purging Downloaded Patch Install Files From The Protect Console

    You Receive "Error: A Command That Prompts the User Failed because the Host Program or the Command Type Does Not Support…



    Affected Products

    Shavlik Protect 9.x

    Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers 9.3.x