Custom Action, Custom Patch, and ITScript Information and Troubleshooting

Version 8



    This document provides links to other documents addressing custom action, custom patch, and ITScript information and troubleshooting.





    Custom Action


    Prerequisites and Process


    How To: Perform a Custom Action Complete Tutorial with Custom Actions

    Can You Use Custom Actions With Agents?

    Custom Action - Using The Null Patch

    How to: Scan for the Null Patch using the Custom Actions scan filter


    Run a batch file


    Custom Action - How to Work with Batch Files


    Install programs


    Work with custom patches


    How To: Run An Executable or MSI With A Custom Action

    Using Custom Actions To Deploy MSU/MSI Files


    Uninstall programs or remove files


    Custom Action - Remove the Remote Scheduler for Protect Version 9

    How To Uninstall A Program Using Custom Actions

    How To Remove The Propatches Folder Using Custom Actions in Protect 9.1

    How To: Uninstall Java using a Custom Actions


    Reboot a machine


    How To: Reboot Target Machines with Using the Custom Actions Patch Type in a Custom Scan Template


    Work with custom patches


    Custom Action vs. Custom XML

    Custom Patch: Custom .exe File Distribution With Custom Action



    Custom Patch


    Considerations For Custom Patches And Products

    How To: Create a Custom Patch

    Custom Patch Deployment .bat File Never Completes.





    ITScript - Errors Importing Custom ITScripts

    ITScripts - Enabled Scripts Not Showing in Run Console ITScripts

    Temp Folder Fills Up With Small Files Troubleshooting

    Purging Downloaded Patch Install Files From The Protect Console

    You Receive "Error: A Command That Prompts the User Failed because the Host Program or the Command Type Does Not Support…



    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x