Resolving Date/Time issues in Shavlik Protect

Version 9


    This document will show how to resolve issues that may be related to the Date/Time not being in sync between the server and the destination machine (Agent and Agentless clients). Symptoms of this can include:

    • You are unable to register an Agent.
    • During an agentless deployment, the deployment tracker does not change status from scheduled in the console.
    • Agents do not check in with the console.
    • The validity range of the time stamp was invalid





    1. Press Windows key + X and select Command prompt(Admin).



    2.Type each one of the command below and press enter. (Verify that each step completes successfully.)


      1. net stop w32time
      2. w32tm /unregister
      3. w32tm /register
      4. net start w32time
      5. w32tm /resync



    Affected Products


    Shavlik Protect 9.x