Publish Manually Downloaded Products in Patch for SCCM

Version 4



    This will show how to patch products that cannot be downloaded by normal means in Shavlik Patch such as UltraVNC or Audacity. Additional help documentation and information can be found here.




    UltraVNC's website ( is unreliable and when downloading the installer frequently redirects. When this redirect happens, a small 40kb file is sometimes downloaded. With enough attempts, the full installer will download. Once the full installer has been downloaded, it must be properly named and moved to the local source folder one the SCCM console.


    Step 1: Obtain the UltraVNC Download

    • Download the appropriate copy of UltraVNC from here. When the downloaded starts wait until the redirect occurs and downloads the full installer (usually around 3mb).
    • Ensure the downloaded file matches the Patch file name listed in SCCM


    Step 2: Configure SCCM Local Source

    • After UltraVNC has been downloaded, enabled the Local Source feature in Shavlik Patch (if not already enabled).
    • Open the settings and navigate to the Local Source tab to get the location of the Local Source Folder


    • Navigate to the folder configured for Local Source publishing and drop in the UltraVNC installer.


    Step 3: Publish

    • Publishing is no different, just select the UltraVNC patch and publish as normal. After publishing is complete, SCCM will be able to deploy and detect the patch on the endpoints connected to the SCCM environment.