Shavlik Protect Deployment Information and Troubleshooting

Version 4



    This document provides links to other documents discussing our deployments and how to troubleshoot download, deployment, and reboot failures.





    Process and Workflow


    Shavlik Protect 9.2 Deployment Process Workflow and Troubleshooting





    Patch Installation Failure


    Installing Patch Q2688865 Fails: Exit Code -2147023728

    Workaround For A Deployment Issue With GoToMeeting Update GOTOM-001 (QGTM7182553)

    Service Pack 2 (KB2630458) Deployment Failure For SQL Server 2008 R2

    Patch Deployment Returned 2359302 In Deployment Tracker

    Deployment Failures Caused By Blocked Files

    Windows Update Service Is Required to Install Patches on Windows Vista and Later Windows Operating Systems

    .NET Framework Patches Fail to Deploy Because .NET Framework Is in Use



    Overall Deployment Failure


    How To: Troubleshoot a Failed Patch Install

    Patch Deployment Fails With: Patch Does Not Appear To Be Digitally Signed

    Deployment Fails: Zero Patches Are Available And Properly Signed.

    Deployment Failed: Error - Failed To Create Remote Directory - %SystemRoot%\ProPatches

    Deployment Fails With Error 1326: Logon Failure: Unknown User Name Or Bad Password

    Scan Complete Successfully but Deployment Fails Due to Bad Credentials Set in Machine Properties

    Deployment Fails with Error 1909 in the ST.Protect.native.log

    Deployment Fails After Upgrade to 9.2

    Deployment Machine Name Match Failed, Expected 'Machine Name', Actual ''

    Patch Deployment Fails When C:\ Is Shared On Target Machines

    Deployment Fails With Error: Found 0 Identity Certificates When Only One Was Expected

    Understanding and Responding to Recent Changes Made to Java Deployment in Protect

    Patch Deployment Failure - Deployment Tracker Never Updates Past 'Executed 0 of X'

    Patch Package That Requires Reboot Fails After Reboot

    Patch Deployment Failure - Patch Deployment Canceled Due To Failure Building Deployment Instructions. Patch Package That Requires Reboot Fails After Reboot



    Virtual Deployment Failure


    Issues Caused by Missing Browse Credentials

    Offline VM or Template Deployment fails with - Virtual Deployment Failed status

    "Network Isolation Error" When Patching VM Template



    File Download Failure


    Agentless Patch Deployment Not Downloading Files From Distribution Server

    Agentless Patch Deployment Not Downloading Files From Distribution ServerPatch Download Failure - Connection Lost: the Remote Certificate Is Invalid According to the Validation Procedure

    How to Increase the Download Timeout in Protect 9.1 Patch 1 and Higher.

    URL exception list for Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers (11-14-2018)





    Deployment Template - Post Deployment Reboot

    How to prevent a pending reboot after patches have been installed

    Patch Package That Requires Reboot Fails After Reboot



    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x