Protect Console Information and Troubleshooting

Version 4



    This document provides links to other documents addressing how to troubleshoot console installation, registration, configuration, and operations in Shavlik Protect.






    Test And Renew Patch For Windows Console Certificates

    Console Certificate Issues
    How to Update the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) on a Disconnected Protect Console Server




    Protect Console System Hardware Performance Guidelines

    Configuring Virtual CPUs To Optimize Performance With SQL Server Express And Shavlik Protect

    Protect Console Install or Upgrade fails with: This machine is managed by another console. Remove the Agent to install a Console.

    Protect console install error due to .NET Framework 3.5 install failure

    Protect Installs In An Unexpected Language

    Download Links for Shavlik Protect Installation Files

    Install - Uninstall Failures - How To Clean Up Broken Installs Of Shavlik Protect With The Microsoft Fixit Tool

    Error: "Installation Failed. a Data Conversion Error Has Been Detected During the Database Upgrade Process."




    Protect Console Upgrade Fails With Errors 1603 or 1605

    Migrate Shavlik Protect Console


    Console Service


    Shavlik Protect Console Service Is Not Listed In Services.msc

    Unexpected Popup Error Launching An Offline Protect Console After Upgrading To Protect 9.2

    Shavlik Protect 9.2 Console Service Error At Startup

    Shavlik Protect Console Service Fails to Launch - The Service Responsible for Importing Scan and Agent Results Is Not Running




    Scanning A vCenter/ESXi Server Causes The Console To Crash

    Console Hangs When Selecting A Machine In View > Machines

    Why Can't I Open My Console?

    Protect Crashes When Attempting To Access Scheduled Console Tasks

    Console crashes when exporting Machine Status Summary report

    Unhandled Exception Error At Startup After Performing Help > Refresh Files

    When Running Protect in an Environment with FIPS You Receive the Error: the Service Responsible for Importing Scan and Agent Results Is Not Running




    Logs - Gathering Console, Client Side (Agentless), and Agent Log Files for Protect



    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x