Agent Information and Troubleshooting

Version 11



    This document provides links to other documents addressing how to troubleshoot agent installation, registration, configuration, and operations.






    Methods to Install a Shavlik Protect Agent

    Installing Agents Using Passphrase Authentication

    Installing Agents Using A Manual Installation Script

    Installing an Agent with No Policy Using a Manual Installation Script

    Agent Install Failure - Console Must Own Agent

    Resolution mismatch, found 'machine name x' for 'machine name y' when attempting to install the agent

    Agent Install Error: File System Must Be NTFS




    Manual installation of agent fails on registration.

    Scripted Agent Install May Fail During Registration Due To NetBIOS Resolution Failure

    Agent Failing Registration at 50%

    Agent Failing At 67% (Registration Failure)

    How to Troubleshoot Manual Agent Registration Failed




    How To: Update a Policy on the Protect Agent

    Manually Installed Agent Registers Successfully, Does Not Assign Policy

    Protect Agent is missing it's Policy After Successful Installation

    Agent Install Error Getting Policy List

    How To: Add a Patch Task to an Agent Policy




    Agent Machine Check-In Failures After Protect Console Was Migrated To A New Server

    Commands from Protect Server to Target Agent Fail Immediately with the Error: Error Status: Agent Didn't Respond

    Agent Status Message: "Agent didn't respond"




    How To: Completely Remove an Agent and All of Its Components




    How To: Configure an Agent Policy to Run a Patch Task on Boot if the Schedule Is Missed

    Agent - Clear Retry Count

    Deploy Patch - Warning - Results from Agent Scan

    How To: Manually Run an Agent Policy Patch Task from the Console

    How To: Manually Run an Agent Policy's Patch Task from the Agent Machine




    Where to View Protect Agent Scan\Deployments Results




    Logs - Gathering Console, Client Side (Agentless), and Agent Log Files for Protect


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x

    Patch for Windows Servers 9.3+