Troubleshooting Detection Issues in Shavlik Protect

Version 5



    The purpose of this document is to provide helpful resources by topic that will assist in resolving issues with Shavlik Protect detection.




    Protect Incorrectly Detects Patches As Missing.


    Protect Detects A Patch That Should Not Be Detected As Missing

    Deployed patches detected missing after subsequent scans

    Superseded Patches Show Missing During Patch Scan

    Protect Continues to Offer the Same Patch After a Scan, Deployment, Reboot  and Re-Scan

    Missing patches that always show missing in results - Security Tools

    Detection False-Positive May Occur Due to IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems)

    Shavlik Protect Detects MS13-053 KB2532531 as Missing but the Patch Fails to Install

    Shavlik Protect Detects Patch KB2532531 As Missing But Will Not Deploy

    MS12-001 KB2644615 Showing as Missing After the Installation of MS15-A02 KB3033929


    Protect Does Not Detect Patches that Should Be Missing Or Installed.


    Scans Show Few/No Missing Patches and No Installed Patches.

    Troubleshooting Patch Scans That Do Not List Java Patches as Missing or Installed

    Java 8 Patches Not Offered When Java 7 is Installed

    Patches Released After April 2013 Not Showing As Missing On Windows Server 2008 R2 Or Windows 7

    Patches Released After April 2014 Are Not Being Detected As Missing On 2012 R2 Server Or Windows 8.1 Operating Systems

    Unsupported Patches - List And Reasoning

    Hotfixes or Patches Missing from Protect and Patch for Windows Servers

    Patch Scan Results Showing 1 Or 2 Missing Patches Where Many More Patches Should Be Missing


    Discrepancies Between Shavlik Protect and Windows Update


    Why Ivanti Patch for Windows patch scan results may differ from Windows Update

    Understanding patch severity in a Shavlik Protect patch scan and why it may differ from Windows Update

    Show All Windows Updates Applied to a Computer


    Discrepancies Between Shavlik Protect and Vulnerability Scanners


    Discrepancies between Ivanti Patch for Windows and Vulnerability Scanners


    Understanding Detection in Shavlik Protect


    How To: View Detection Information for Patches in Protect and Understanding What It Means

    Protect Uses Variables For Many Common Directory Paths - Able To Pick Up On Changes to Windows or Program Files Location…


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x