How To Create a Support Case for Shavlik Products

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    This document will show how to create a support case for Shavlik Products. Creating a case through our web portal will allow you to submit your case at any time and help you avoid having to wait on the phone.




    1. Browse to the Shavlik Community and log into the site by clicking the Log In button in the upper right corner of the page.



    Log Into Community modified.png



    2. If you already have an account, log in and proceed to step 3. If you are a new user you will need to register with the Community.


    Enter in your company email, choose a password, hit REGISTER in the top right of the screen, and finish the registration process on the next few pages.





    3. Once you have logged into the Shavlik Community, click the Support Portal Icon in the top right corner of the Shavlik Community page. This will take you to  our Shavlik Support website.


    Log Into Support Portal modified.PNG



    Support Home Page.PNG



    4. On the Shavlik Support home page, click Support Requests > View Requests on the tool bar at the top of the page.


    5. Fill out the specific details that you would like to include in your support case then hit Next.


    Support Case Form.PNG


    6. After you submit the information in the previous step, our intelligent database will produce the best solutions that we can find for your issue along with suggestions from other customers, and links to other information that may assist you in resolving your issue or answering your question.


    Suggested Solutions.PNG


    7. If you need further assistance, please proceed to create your support case by clicking on Request contact from Support.

    Request contact from Support.PNG



    8. Fill out all requested information, giving as many specifics as possible including your product version, phone number, issue severity, business impact, and a detailed, concise description of your exact question or issue.


    If this issue is an error in Protect, please make sure to follow the instructions in the upper right hand corner of the page and obtain verbose logs to submit with your support case.


    After you have filled out all of the requested details, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to create the case.


    Case information.PNG


    9. Please add any additional comments that you think would be helpful as we investigate your issue or question. Also, please add any logs or information that you think may be helpful along with screenshots of the issue depending on the subject of the case.


    Please zip up files into one zipped file before uploading rather than uploading files and screenshots separately as this will save you time in uploading multiple files.


    After you have added any information that you think may be helpful, click Submit.

    Add Comment.PNG


    10. You can log into the Support Portal at any time by going to , clicking the Support icon, and clicking Support Requests > View Request. After selecting your case from the list of cases, you can add comments to the case or add additional information in the same way that you did in step 8. All comments will be sent directly to the engineer that is working on your support case.

    View Cases.PNG


    If you need to speak with someone immediately regarding an issue, please call us here


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