How To: Scan for Patches that Apply to Specific OS Versions

Version 4



    Since version 9.2 has changed a number of UI designs, some customers are unable to find the "OS" filter they used to have in Patch scan template. This article provides a guide to create a custom scan template to scan only for Windows Operating Systems patches.




    1. On Shavlik UI, select "New" and create a "Patch Scan Template".

    2. Under "Filtering" tab, find "Vendors, Families, and Products - Applies to Agents" look at the list under "Scan for these".

    3. Find "Microsoft", expand and find "Windows", you will see a list of OS versions to select from.


    4. Depending on what type of patches you would like to scan for, you will select the corresponding options for Security, Non-Security and Security Tool Updates.

    5. Save template. 

    6. Once saved you can start a scan and use the custom template you just created for OS scanning only.


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    Patch for Windows Server 9.3.x