How To: Add a VM Template hosted by ESX to a Machine Group

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    This document is to discuss how to add a VM template to a Machine Group for agentless scanning when you cannot see the vCenter Server in the Hosted Virtual Machines tab in a machine group.




    NOTE: If you have added a vCenter host into Shavlik Protect and are able to see it in the Machine Group's Hosted Virtual Machines tab, you will be able to add the VM Template directly from the Machine Group.


    vcenter server.jpg


    NOTE: If you can only see your ESXi Hypervisors in the the Hosted Virtual Machines tab in the machine group then you will have to add the VM templates through the vCenter Server in the Virtual Inventory tab:


    1. Open up the Virtual Inventory tab:

    virtual inventory.png


    2. Select the appropriate vCenter Server that you wish to find the VM template in:

    vcenter server.png

    NOTE: A VM template is denoted by the symbol:


    3. Select the required VM template and right-click on it. Afterwards, go to 'Add to Machine Group' and then select the appropriate machine group for the template to go into.



    4. Go back to the Machine Groups tab:

    machine group.png


    5. You can now open the Machine Group and see your VM template.


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    Shavlik Protect 9.x