Publishing failure: Failed To Sign Package; Error Was: 2147942432

Version 4



    This document covers error 2147942432 in the AutoPublish.log.




    When attempting to publish, Patch for SCCM is unable to publish updates. The AutoPublish.log file shows the .cab was created successfully, but then the error:


    Failed To Sign Package; Error Was: 2147942432





    Error 2147942432 indicates that a required resource is already in use by another process. This usually happens when an anti virus application is trying to scan the .cab file at the same time Patch for SCCM is trying to sign it.




    Add an antivirus exclusion for the content directory that Patch for SCCM stores update packages in. This is usually something like "C:\WSUS\UpdateServicesPackages" or "C:\WSUS\WsusContent\UpdateServicesPackages"


    Affected Product(s)

    Ivanti Patch for SCCM 2.x

    Shavlik Patch 2.x