How to use the Xport Process for Xtraction for Protect

Version 2



    • Prior to starting this process, please ensure Xtraction has been installed on your server and the Dashboard set(s) you wish to import has been downloaded from:
    • It is also recommended that you make a backup of your Xtraction database prior to proceeding.


    1. On your Xtraction server, navigate to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Xtraction Software\Xtraction\Tools directory and launch the ‘Xport.exe’ utility.



         2. Next, you will need to confirm the Xtraction database details and logon credentials.

      • If you are using Windows Integrated Authentication please check the ‘Integrated Security’ check box.



         3. Once the Xport utility has launched select the folder you wish to import the dashboard into and then click on the ‘Import’ button at the top left of the utility.


         4. Within the ‘Options’ page select the default owner of the dashboard and ensure the “Templates’ and ‘Images’ options are set to ‘Replace’. This will ensure no duplicate templates or images with exist with your Xtraction software.



         5. Within the next screen, input the Xtraction Data directory. You may browse to the directory by selecting the ‘…’ button.

      • The default directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\Xtraction Software\Xtraction\Data



         6. After hitting ‘OK’ you will be prompted to browse to the location of the dashboard .zip file you wish to import. Navigate to the file and select ‘Open’.



         7. You will be prompted to review the dashboards that are being imported. Once you have done so, click ‘Save Import’.



         8. Once the import process has completed, a message will be displayed stating that the import process has been completed.



         9. You should now see the imported dashboards with your Xtraction software under the account in which they were imported.