Patches and Machines with Greatest Risk

Version 3

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    Author: Shavlik

    Folder Structure: Shared Folders\Additional Shavlik Protect Dashboards\Patch

    Dashboard Name: Patches/Machines with Greatest Risk

    Dashboard Data Source View(s):  Patch

    Target Audience: Security/Operations

    View Record Details: Yes (Patch Data Source - multiple records per machine based on the patch data associated with the returned machines)

    Drill-Down Friendly: Yes (the 2 tree-grid components at the bottom of the dashboard)

    Cross-Component Filter Friendly: Yes

    Version: 1.1



    This dashboard is made up of 6 components all using the same Data Source so all can be cross filtered. The top 2 components show the top 5 missing critical patches and the top 5 machines missing critical patches. The middle 2 components show the top 5 missing important patches and the top5 machines missing important patches. The bottom left component shows all missing critical and important patches and the associated machines. The bottom right component shows all machines that are missing critical and important patches.