Publishing Fails With Failed to sign Package: error was: 2147942403

Version 4



    Unable to publish updates.


    Following entry could be found in the AutoPublish.log:


    Error Publishing 'Adobe Flash Player Internet Explorer' : Failed to sign package; error was: 2147942403


    When running Configuration Checker under Shavlik Patch settings you are getting the error below:








    You can verify where WSUS believes the folders are by running this at a CMD prompt on the Shavlik Patch server:


    net share


    This will show the location of the UpdateServicePackages shares.

    You will need to use this command to point WSUS to the correct location of:


    • \WSUS\WsusContent
    • \WSUS\UpdateServicesPackages


    WSUSUtil.exe movecontent <content path> <log path>


    To use this command without actually copying your content over, use the following command:
    wsusutil.exe movecontent contentpath logfile [-skipcopy]


    More information:  WSUSUtil.exe


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Patch Plugin 2.x