Protect Fails To Copy Patches To Target Machines When Executing a Copy Only Task Using a Distribution Server

Version 2



    This document will discuss the issue where Protect will fail to copy patches to a target machine when executing a copy only task using a distribution server.




       1. You set your distribution server and sync all downloaded patches to it.


       2. You set your deployment template to use the distribution server set in step 1.

    2 modified.png


       3. You do a copy-only task rather than a deployment using the deployment template from step 2.




    4. The copy-only task starts and finishes with the status of the deployment tracker showing that the patches are copied to the target machine. However, when you look at the C:\Windows\ProPatches folder on the target machine you only see the Staged and Scheduler folders and no patches appear to have been copied to the target machine.









    When using a distribution server, the patches will copy over from the distribution server to the target machine when an actual deployment begins. Because in a copy-only task the patches are only copied to the target machine and an actual deployment will never initiate, no patches will be copied.





    If you would like to copy over patches without deploying them then you will need to use a deployment template specifying to push the patches from the console directly rather than a distribution server to the target machine. In this configuration, the patches will be copied as soon as you initiate the copy-only task rather than waiting until a deployment begins and therefore the patches will actually copy.



    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x