Xtraction for Shavlik Protect Frequently Asked Questions

Version 11


    Xtraction for Shavlik Protect is a self-service, web based solution that presents critical data from Shavlik Protect as customized dashboards and documents in real time. The view only license allows customers to view pre-built dashboards and documents.  The pre-built dashboards make it easier for a customer to get up and running quickly with a simplified reporting solution. If there is a need to create new dashboards or modify existing ones, the license for the Xtraction Protect Connector will need to be upgraded to the Full Enterprise Server license.


    Xtraction complements Shavlik Protect by extending reporting visibility without the need to grant access privileges to Shavlik Protect. 

    Xtraction for Shavlik Protect helps to:


    • Improve speed of response to vulnerabilities
    • Improve accuracy of risk assessments
    • Manage compliance levels
    • Provide self-service reporting access to reduce the administrator burden


    Helpful links to get you started:



    Executive Dashboards


    Executive Dashboard Download Link



    SecOps Dashboards

    SecOps Dashboard Download Link



    Additional Dashboards