Bulletin Details Dashboard

Version 2

    Author: Shavlik

    Folder Structure: Shared Folders\Shavlik Protect\Patch Views

    Dashboard Name: Bulletin Details

    Dashboard Data Source View(s):  Patch

    Target Audience: Security/Operations

    View Record Details: Yes (Patch Data Source - multiple records per machine based on the patch data associated with the returned machines)

    Drill-Down Friendly: N/A

    Cross-Component Filter Friendly: Yes

    Version: 1



    This dashboard is made up of 4 components all using the same Data Source so all can be cross filtered. One component shows the number of machines per machine group. Another component shows all machines with the total number of missing patches for each. The other 2 components show patch bulletin info and CVE info for patches that have it. With the cross-component filtering, this dashboard allows for a user to dynamically filter on a specific machine group and see all machines with missing patches and the associated patch information (and CVE info if applicable).