Machines not Scanned or Assessed in Last X Time Frame Dashboard

Version 2

    Author: Shavlik

    Folder Structure: Shared Folders\Shavlik Protect\Summary Views

    Dashboard Name: Machines NOT Scanned/Assessed in Last X Time Frame

    Dashboard Data Source View(s):  Machine

    Target Audience: Executive

    View Record Details: Yes (Machine Data Source - one record per machine)

    Drill-Down Friendly: No

    Cross-Component Filter Friendly: Yes

    Version: 1



    This dashboard is meant to be a tool to see what machines were not scanned/assessed in the last X days (by default this dashboard is set to 60 days). This tool can be used to see what machines should have been scanned but were not vs. those machines that have been decommissioned and you would not expect to be scanned in the last X days.