Assessed Machine Yearly Metrics Dashboard

Version 1

    Author: Shavlik

    Folder Structure: Shared Folders\Shavlik Protect\Summary Views\Metrics

    Dashboard Name: Assessed Machine Yearly Metrics (Default is Calendar Year)

    Dashboard Data Source View(s):  Patch

    Target Audience: Executive

    View Record Details: Yes (Patch Data Source - multiple records per machine based on the patch data associated with the returned machines)

    Drill-Down Friendly: No

    Cross-Component Filter Friendly: Available but does not make sense

    Version: 1



    • This yearly metric dashboard gives a summary view by month of the number of machines scanned, number of machines patches, and a calculated total of machines not patched.
    • The grid at the bottom shows the actual values for each month with the additional information regarding the number of missing service packs and the number of missing patches.